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In only a matter of seconds…

With the knife, which took a life,

because of one tiny lie,

everyone knew about it,

before the bloody blade was dry,

in the papers, on T.V. screens,

forgotten tale of three young teens,

two are now adolescent forever

one is serving life at sixteen





Everyone’s fake in this town,
in order to survive
you follow the trend of everyone else,
just to keep yourself alive.

Walking down the street with a friend,
approaching chavs with undeserved pride,
they had a beer in one hand,
and an eagerly desperate bimbo by their side,

It’s too late to cross the road,
as we walk by, our heads held high,
but something must’ve not sat well with them,
as I turned away after catching ones eye,

A bottle was thrown just missing my mate,
sometimes all your attempts to act tough just fail,
we couldn’t run as it was too late,
as we became cornered on a garden rail,

we stood up against giant ginger gorillas,
and told them we wanted no trouble,
but they’d already decided our fate,
resulting in us falling to the rubble,

We picked ourselves up from the dirt,
and covered any signs that we were hurt,

I wipe a tear away before it runs down my cheek,
I can never let them know I am weak.


Did that offend or scare you?
or entice and excite you?

the power of language is second to none
you can bring a man to his knees with your linguistic gun

with the right choice of words you could seduce the girl sat near
and with the wrong words you could reduce her to tears.

But not only the words in which i say, but also in the way i say
with a mixture of linguistic play, which could make or ruin your day.

i could gently whisper…
just checking you’re all listening
that wasn’t intentionally mean

there’s just one thing you shouldn’t forget
in the time i know you since we’ve met
sticks and stones may break your bones
but it’s my words you should fear
they will leave you feeling alone
every time I’m near.

it’s the quiet ones you should watch out for
but the poets maybe even more
although language is nothing without meaning
with words, we can leave you in pain or pleasure on the floor.

Afternoon of Bob Marley vinyls and thinking about you.

One good thing about music, when it hits you you feel no pain,
One good thing about loving you is that you feel the same,
I never wanted to feel this way, was scared as to where it would go,
but you brought out the best in me, and a new joy to living in which you show,
I give myself willingly to you, I’m yours endlessly and completely,
never thought I’d feel love this true, as we fell for each other discreetly and so sweetly,
All I want is to keep you satisfied, I’ll bring you soup when you’re ill and I’ll clean your sores,
I never want us to have to compromise, so just know that baby I’m yours.

…and you’ll be loved forever

Loose skin, shows a possible ending to come,

but her eyes still shine full as always,

a women who’s known me since i was oh so young,

who would tell me stories of her olden days,


life seems like it can get away from you,

as you see family become tired with age,

as you see siblings born so beautiful and new,

as new memories are made, you turn a page,


the two most important days you’ll live before you die,

the day you’re born and the day you find out why, 

but the reason to live should be family,

over the money you’ll make beneath a tie,


there are two times when you cease to remain,

first when you stop breathing and when the last person speaks your name,

just remember to love your family and be generous in your giving,

then when your time comes you’ll know you will have lived a life worth living.

A womens eyes…

Your strikingly, beautiful eyes, were the first thing to catch mine,
when we met by the sea, on Brighton pier for the first time,
every man is each to his own, and loves women in different ways,
heads, shoulders, knees and toes, but i fell as i caught your gaze,

a smile in the eyes is always true, whereas a smile on the lips can lie,
if her lips are up with teeth showing, check if there’s sorrow in her eyes.
you’ll learn more about her, by staring into her eyes it’s true,
than you could from a million memories and dreams that she’ll tell you.

Inspirational thoughts for the day…

You go through your life,
and it will pass you by,
you wonder why you’re here,
till the day you find out why,

you can’t fall if you don’t climb,
puff your chest and make a sound,
if you fail, start the climb again,
’cause you can’t live life on the ground,

you’ll get what you’ve always got,
if you do what you’ve always done,
when your moment comes, take aim, take your shot,
or forever regret when you run,

make your fears fall away at the seams,
with your enemies, be forgiving,
then you can start to live you dreams,
stop being scared and start living!

Sonnet number 1

Hazel eyes gleam happiness as they shine,
so piercingly beautifully bright,
soft rouge lips, sensually sweet and divine,
she’ll have you so smitten at first sight,
silk brunette hair flows down her shoulders
her fragrance so mesmeric in its scent,
that look on her face, such an innocent smoulder,
mixed with a look of desirable intent,
a voice so subtly soft on the ears,
angels would sound like sirens compared,
but then it hits me, the feeling I’ve feared,
I’ve become shaken, startled and scared,
As i hold her hand through my woolen glove,
it dawns on me… I think I’ve fallen in love…